Car Park Management and Enforcement

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PriPark’s Car Park Management Services Include:

  • Parking Revenue Management & Optimisation
  • School & University Parking Management
  • Car Parking Management on Vacant Land
  • Leasing of Car Parks & Properties
  • Car Park Investing Opportunities

Business and property owners often underestimate the role that parking plays in the smooth running and revenue generation of their business and property. Without a proper car park management plan and processes in place, overstays can result in poor customer/tenant experiences.

PriPark can tailor a car parking management solution to suit your car park operating requirements. Whether it is a small or large scale car park, our experienced team will work with you to achieve maximum results and car park revenue.

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Why PriPark?

PriPark have successfully managed car parks across Australia of all different sizes. What sets us apart from the competition is our extensive experience in Car Parking Management Systems, Car Parking Equipment and Traffic Engineering. We work closely with our partner organisation TPS to ensure you not only have the right plan, but also the tools and equipment to execute that plan. If you’d like to know more information about how PriPark can help you, contact us today.

Our Parking Management Services

PriPark can provide professional advice to assist in car park operation, car park compliance, car park equipment, car park layout and car park design.  Car park design issues are a common challenge faced by car park owners, our experienced team can help overcome these issues with a combination of Traffic Engineering Design and Car Park Operation advice.

Car Park Management to Increase Revenue

PriPark can work with you to increase or generate new revenue from your car park. The introduction of paid parking in your car park may be a form of control to deter unwanted all day parkers or you may have excess car parks to generate car parking revenue from local business who require all day parking. PriPark can offer a total car parking management solution in the form of car park design, car parking systems, car park equipment and car parking management services.

Learn more about Revenue Management or Contact Us about Revenue Management

School & University Parking Management

PriPark specialises in planning and developing school and university parking to meet the unique needs of your students, staff and visitors. Our car park management solutions assist schools and universities in car park operation, car park compliance, car park equipment, car park layout and car park design. Let PriPark develop a tailored solution for your campus.

Car Park Management On Vacant Land

There are many advantages of operating car parking lots on vacant land, let us help you offset costs associated with holding vacant land through the short term generation of revenue from car parking. PriPark can assist you with regulatory requirements associated with operation of car parks on these properties.

Leasing Of Car Parks And Properties

If you have an existing car park or property and would like to find our how PriPark can assist please call us on 1300 720 533 or email

Car Park Investing Opportunities

If you have an interest in car park investment and would like to know how to get involved please contact PriPark on 1300 720 533 or email

All car parks managed by PriPark are private property and the owners have the right to set the terms and conditions that drivers must adhere to in order to use the car park. 

Car park terms and conditions (T&Cs) are clearly displayed on signs at the entrance to all PriPark car parks along with some subsidiary signs as well. These T&Cs may dictate, how long, where and for what purpose individuals can park.

To find out more about our enforcement procedure, see Car Park Enforcement. For more details  Contact us.

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