Case Study: Car Park Management at Aldi Shopping Centres

18 August 2022

At PriPark, we are extremely proud to be associated with a series of Aldi shopping centres in South-East Queensland.

The Story of Aldi Shopping Centres

Aldi shopping centres, one of the largest chains of shopping centres in Australia,  are often developed and built with their own car parks. This is to ensure the shoppers do not have to transport their groceries very far, thus improving the customer experience, placing convenience as a high priority. 

The Challenge

Unfortunately, oftentimes these car parks are taken advantage of by nearby businesses and residents, using this car park for extended periods of time, with no intention of shopping at the Aldi. 

This then harms customer experiences, as Aldi customers will miss out on this convenient parking, having to transport their groceries a longer distance. This will then make them less likely to shop here in the future. 

Because of this issue, PriPark was contacted to implement a parking management strategy. PriPark was first contacted by the Aldi in Sandgate, North Brisbane, as they were suffering from the above problem.

How PriPark Responded

A series of terms & conditions were written in collaboration with Aldi, to enforce in their car park. The most important part of this was the enforce-able time limit, which was decided to be a maximum of 2 hours parking. This ensured that the parking could not be taken advantage of, but also ensured shoppers did not have to rush their trips in any way.

First, relevant signage (pictured) was created and placed at entry points and throughout the car park. This is to ensure everyone parking their vehicle here were aware of the terms & conditions.

Then, Pripark used its time zone enforcement service to monitor the car park and enforce a 2 hour limit.  This is done by Pripark staff regularly visiting site and performing the patrols using mobile License Plate recognition technology.  When a vehicle has been identified breaching the signed T&C’s (staying longer than 2 hours), it is issued with a parking fee tax invoice.


As a result of this car park management plan, Aldi has significantly reduced unauthorised parking, allowing plenty of available spaces for its customers.  This ensures they can uphold their priority on customer convenience and customer satisfaction, thus increasing the likelihood of repeat patronage. Aldi likes happy customers.

As a result of the success of this car park management at the Sandgate store, Aldi now entrusts it’s car park management to Pripark with 8 Aldi stores all across southeast QLD.

If you’re like Aldi, and want to create a car park management plan to prioritise customer satisfaction in parking experience, contact the industry leaders today.