Car Park Enforcement Services

Unauthorised and/or illegally parked vehicles are a big frustration to business owners, residents, tenants, customers and visitors.  Unauthorised parking and illegally parked vehicles are a common occurrence in residential car parks, retail car parks, commercial car parks, school and university car parks and Hospital car parks. This unauthorised use of car parking spaces causes a lot of frustration and ultimately a loss of custom and business.

To minimise this issue, PriPark provides car park enforcement services.

PriPark has many solutions to enforce car park regulations, including:

  • Car park enforcement of terms and conditions
  • Paid parking solutions for the management of time-restricted parking
  • Parking time zone enforcement in free or time-restricted parking areas
  • Towing of illegally parked vehicles
  • Car Park signage and car park safety equipment

PriPark is a nationally leading provider of car park management and enforcement services. We manage car parks across Australia of all different capacities and restrictions, making sure plans and processes are in place so car park owners can meet their goals. Are you interested in car park management and enforcement? Contact us today.

Private Car Park Enforcement & The Law

In a private car park, there are terms and conditions set up to enforce the smooth operation and running of a car park. This is designed to minimise overstaying and capitalise on the value of the land through car parking. If the terms and conditions have been breached, a “Payment Notice” is issued, not a “fine”. This is because fines can only be issued by the government on council property.

However, if a payment notice is issued, it can be enforced through the court system using evidence of the breach of terms and conditions that resulted in the payment notice. Cars may also be towed, at the owner’s discretion, if the car is in breach of the terms & conditions.

How we Enforce our Payment Issuing

As a private company, PriPark does not issue fines or infringement notices. If an individual parks in breach of the T&Cs they will receive a parking fee tax invoice. They will then have 28 days to either make payment, request a payment plan or to send us an objection.

If they made a genuine mistake the first time that they have parked in one of our car parks, they can contact us with an objection. Our team reviews each objection on their individual merits and will be happy to answer any questions that they may have. If they do not act within 28 days or if their objection is unsuccessful and fees remain unpaid, they may be referred a third-party debt collector who will send the registered operator or driver a reminder notice. There may also be additional fees payable in accordance with the relevant car park terms and conditions.

Monitoring Visitor & Customer Parking

Management of time-restricted visitor and customer parking on private property. Unauthorised parking within Body corporate and strata property visitor car parks or shopping centres and commercial parking areas can cause serious frustration and inconvenience for owners, tenants and businesses. PriPark can tailor a solution to alleviate these parking challenges, contact us today.

Staff Parking Solutions And Tenant Parking Solutions

Many shopping centre customer car parks and commercial customer car parks are occupied by tenants and staff, reducing the ease at which a customer can find a convenient car space. PriPark works with centre managers and owners to provide effective solutions for relocation of staff parking and provision of permit parking or off site parking.

Do you need Car Park Enforcement?

If any of the following apply to you, contact us regarding a specialised Car Park Management plan that will work for your needs:

  • Business or land owner struggling with enforcing car park limits
  • Business or land owner looking to raise their revenue from their car parks
  • Looking to invest in a car park
  • Have an event coming up that requires specialised car parking management
  • Have vacant land you would like to use as a car park, either temporarily or permanently
  • Are a school or university that requires car park management, planning and/or consultancy
  • Are a developer seeking car park planning, consultancy and/or management
  • Business or developer looking to finance their car park

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