Car Park Equipment

With our more than 13 years of experience in the parking industry in Australia, PriPark delivers a full range of parking ticket machines to retail, strata and commercial car park owners. We offer all types of car park equipment of the highest standard, accompanied by professional installation and maintenance services, to guarantee that all your car park ticket machines are operational at all times and to ensure your return on investment.

Why Choose Us

PriPark provides our clients with complex car park management solutions, including all types of car park ticket machines. We offer automated pay stations, parking meters, boom gates, automated car park management systems and all other types of car parking equipment.

At PriPark, we are more than just equipment sellers. Our engineers can advise you on optimal car park solutions, including developing a new car park design or modifying your existing layout. We can consult you on the best available options for car park ticket machines and other equipment and provide for professional installation, operation and maintenance.

Our Equipment

PriPark works with the best manufacturers of car park equipment and parking ticket machines. We proudly represent TIBA Parking Systems which have proven as reliable and effective solutions for our clients.

Automated Pay Stations and Parking Ticket Machines

Our car park ticket machines support ticketless operation and ensure fast vehicle throughput by high-speed ticket issuance. The equipment supports multiple credit card solutions, including Mag-Stripe, P2PE EMV with or without pin pad, and NFC. All our parking ticket machines are compliant with all applicable regulations. 

Parking Meters with Credit Card Payment Technology

PriPark delivers fast parking meters for high-throughput unattended parking operations. The parking meters equipment controls barrier gates, includes surge protection. and is certified and compliant with all relevant standards.

Boom Gates with Access Control

We offer best-in-class boom gates equipment of superior quality with ultra-fast 1.3 second opening time. Our boom gates have high reliability with 10 million MTBF cycles.

Fully Automated Car Park Management Systems and Vehicle Guidance Signage 

PriPark delivers credible and fully automated car park management systems, including vehicle guidance signage directing drivers to parking places.

Speed Humps, Wheel Stops, Height Bars, Bollards and Line Marking

At PriPark, we provide a comprehensive service package for your car park, including construction and installation of speed controls and stops, such as speed humps, wheel stops, height bars and bollards. We also provide line-marking services using a wide range of materials, including paint, plastic and rubber. 


PriPark experts are always willing to answer any technical questions or business inquiries our clients might have. 

Do You Offer Installation and Maintenance of Parking Ticket Machines?

We deliver all our equipment with professional installation and maintenance services. We have our own team of professionals assisted by our partners’ experts and manufacturers’ technical teams. At PriPark, we employ locals in all areas of Australia we operate.

Can You Help with Overall Design for Car Park Layout?

PriPark focuses on comprehensive car park management solutions. We provide detailed planning for car park facilities, including parking ticket machines and other equipment. PriPark traffic engineers work with retail and commercial property owners and developers before, during, and after construction.

Do You Offer Remote Car Park Management Services?

At PriPark, we focus on cutting-edge automated car park management systems and remote monitoring and management of your car park facility. All our parking ticket machines allow monitoring of real-time transactions via the Facility Management System. 

Get Your Car Park Equipment from PriPark

Whether you are interested in the installation of a single parking ticket machine or a complex car park management system, we have a solution for you. Get in touch with PriPark car park equipment experts today, and we will be happy to advise you on our product range and all available options.

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