Strata Car Park Solutions

PriPark offers custom car park solutions to strata complexes to control unauthorised parking. We work with residential car parks, retail and commercial properties to prevent illegal and unauthorised parking and implement car park enforcement to help body corporates regain control of their parking areas. 

Why Choose PriPark for Strata Car Park Solutions?

As Australian-owned parking management and service provider based in Gold Coast, Queensland, we are well aware of the challenges faced by body corporate managers due to common strata parking issues. We have over 15 years of experience in providing residential and commercial property owners with tailored car park solutions to address those issues and ensure effective management of car parking spaces.

PriPark can assist with robust car park solutions for your existing car park or design your parking space from the development stage. We can offer a comprehensive strategy, including delivery and installation of equipment, development and consulting services, as well as enforcement of your car park terms and conditions. Our clients rely on PriPark for any car parking issues in strata complexes.

Our Car Park Solutions

At PriPark, we employ a wide range of car park solutions for all types of issues you may have with your parking space. We help body corporate managers address the most common concerns, such as unauthorised or illegal parking in visitors’ or private parking spaces and assist with abandoned vehicle removal. We can also offer installation of car park equipment and line marking services.

Body Corporate Parking Solutions

PriPark has extensive experience in assisting body corporate committees all over Australia to control illegal and unauthorised parking. We offer effective and practical car park solutions to enforce body corporate by-laws and community management statements. 

Unauthorised Parking in Visitors’ Spaces

With two or more cars per unit, it is not uncommon to see residential owners parking in visitors’ parking spaces. Meanwhile, it can be illegal to park in visitors’ parking areas due to local council requirements. 

Unauthorised parking in visitors’ areas also makes visitors and invitees of retail tenants leave their cars elsewhere, which can result in blocking other parking spots or obstructing entry/exits to the car parks. PriPark provides complex strata car park solutions to avoid illegal or unauthorised parking in visitor’s spaces, including car park regulation enforcement services.

Illegal Parking in Resident’s Spots or Private Parking Space

It is always frustrating to see residents’ parking spots or private parking spaces occupied by someone’s else cars. PriPark can implement comprehensive car park solutions to avoid unauthorised parking in residents’ spots or private parking places, including key card systems, signage, and parking barriers. We also offer car park enforcement and vehicle removal services.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Every strata car park manager knows that removing someone’s private property can be complicated. At PriPark, we are never shy to help our clients with delicate matters related to car park management, including abandoned vehicle removal.

Car Park Equipment to Control Parking on Common Property

PriPark is known for our all encompassing approach to car parking issues, which includes installation and maintenance of car park equipment, helping strata managers effectively control their space. We can arrange the installation of parking barriers, line marking, signage, key card systems, and other equipment to help control parking on common property and private areas.


At PriPark, our car park solution experts are always happy to answer any business or technical inquiries our clients might have. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and how we address them.

Can You Help Ensure Compliance with Car Park Rules?

PriPark provides comprehensive solutions to enforce car park terms and conditions that drivers must observe to use the parking spaces. For example, when drivers are in breach of the car park rules, they receive a parking fee tax invoice, and we involve our external legal counsel to recover the owned amounts when necessary.

Are Your Car Parking Solutions Compliant with Applicable Regulations?

We are working with an external legal counsel to ensure that all our car park solutions are compliant with applicable laws as well as internal rules, corporate by-laws and Community Management Statements.

Do You Offer Towing Services?

We view towing and removing someone else’s vehicle as a last resort and always seek to avoid unnecessary confrontations with owners. At PriPark, we provide less aggressive alternatives to towing vehicles to maintain harmony in the strata community. However, we do offer towing services provided by a registered towing operator.

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