Car Park consulting, layout and design

Pripark can provide car park consulting, car park layout and design services.  Pripark can also assist with event parking advice and management, including traffic plans prepared by a qualified traffic engineer.

Car park design

Pripark can design your car park from development stage or offer design advice on existing car park layouts. Our experienced traffic engineers can facilitate all development conditions including council and local government requirement ensuring that your car park not only meets Australian standards but it is functional and user friendly.

Car Park Consulting Advice

Pripark offers Car Park Consulting advice for car park owners.

Car Park Safety Audits

Pripark can conduct a complete review of your car park and prepare an OH&S report that encompasses all safety aspects of your car park area, ensuring you are providing the safest car park for all users.

Car Park Compliance Audits

Pripark can conduct a complete review of your car park to ensure that it complies with current standards. (car park bay sizes, aisle widths, Disabled parking spaces etc)

Event Traffic Plans

Pripark‚Äôs event traffic plans provide a certified plan where an event has an impact on public and private roads.  Pripark can provide plans and facilitate cooperation with councils and local authorities to ensure your event can operate effectively.

Event Parking

Pripark event parking can provide expertise and resources to operate your event parking.  We can facilitate paid or free parking events and all aspects in relation to a paid parking event. Through our event traffic plans we can also ensure that your event parking meets all local council requirements.

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