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Suffering with parking overstays? Not earning enough money from your car park? Have a car park you need managed?

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Revenue Management Solutions to Fit Your Car Park

PriPark offers end-to-end parking solutions to fit your car park.

We offer clients both ticketed and non-ticketed management solutions:

Ticketed Revenue Management

Ticketed revenue management involves the use of car park equipment and & systems to monitor entry and exit points to collect revenue.

This is done through the use of a boom gated system, that issues tickets upon entrance, and requires them upon exit. This is the optimum method of maximising revenue, as it has 100% accuracy in detecting overstays and ensuring the correct amount of revenue is charged.

Ticketless Revenue Management

Ticketless revenue managed can be conducted through 2 ways, depending on the infrastructure of your car park. 

A fixed, boom gated system can be implemented at entrance/exit points, and paired with state of the art, licence plate recognition cameras. This is a seamless and efficient way of monitoring overstays without the use of a ticketed system. 

If your car park does not have the infrastructure potential for a boom gated system, PriPark can conduct mobile licence plate recognition enforcement using our car park enforcement officers. This involves our car park enforcement officers visiting your car park at strategic points throughout the day, recording car’s licence plates, and, if an overstay is detected, immediately issuing a payment notice.

Your Parking Management Journey

PriPark works collaboratively with you, to ensure that the parking solution we provide is completely in alignment with your business or organisational goals. This way, parking can work for you, instead of against you. 

Contact the parking experts at PriPark today for a conversation on how we can help you. 

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Parking Management FAQs

How can I increase my parking revenue?

Parking revenue can be increased by making sure you have a management plan in place, this ensures you are maximising the amount of revenue you are receiving based on the existing infrastructure, layout and location of yourt car park. 

Increasing parking revenue with a management plan often involves setting up T&Cs, outlining when and how you charge for parking, and then implementing enforcement strategies like a boom gate system and/or licence plate recognition cameras.

How can parking management be improved?

Parking management can usually be improved by creating a sound, effective parking management plan, which outlines the systems, equipment and procedures in place. This may include outlining T&Cs, installing equipment, and setting up enforcement strategies like a boom gate system or licence plate recognition.

Are car parks profitable?

The profitability of a car park depends on many factors, primarily it’s location and the demand for parking in that location. However, it will also require skillful and reliable car park management, to ensure that revenue is maximised via the use of T&Cs, car park equipment, and enforcement.

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