Case Study: Car Park Management at Herston Private Hospital

5 June 2022

We Are Extremely Proud To Be Associated With The Brand New Development At Herston Private Hospital & Specialist Suites

The Story of Herston Private Hospital

Within the Herston Health Precinct is a five hectare site that has been redeveloped by Australian Unity. The $1.1 Billion redevelopment will deliver a mixed-use community which will cater for health, residential, commercial and retail development. Within the new Herston Health Precinct development will be the brand new prestigious Herston Private hospital and specialist suites.

The Challenge

At 300 car parking spaces, the building is both a hospital and a series of specialist suites, it is absolutely crucial for Herston Private Hospital to have the appropriate infrastructure for Parking. This is not just having enough parking spaces, but also a reliable and efficient parking management system. 

Without this, resultant overstays and lack of parking would lead to dissatisfied and disgruntled patrons, before they’ve even entered the building, not to mention lost revenue from parking.

How PriPark Responded

The Facility has a 300 space, multi-level carpark in which our partner organisation, TPS,  have installed TIBA Parking systems. The TIBA X60 continues to be an intuitive and number one choice for our new installation’s, thanks to it’s modern and efficient design.

PriPark uses the X60 for it’s:

  • Security: Industry leading security to protect patron’s financial data
  • User-Friendliness: With it’s extra-large, high contrast touch screen.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy install, service, and maintenance.
  • New, Cost-Effective Technology: More features at a lower cost of ownership.


With the appropriate infrastructure and efficiently run parking management system, Herston Private Hospital and Specialist Suites will benefit from their patrons easily coming and going. Without the headache of poor parking management, patrons will be of a happy disposition walking through the door. Not only this, but they will continue to benefit from their Parking as a service monetisation.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we will manage the carpark to ensure ongoing operations and continual revenue generation.

If you’ve got a similar challenge and are looking for similar results, contact the industry leaders today.