Can a Car Be Towed From Private Property?

9 February 2022

Are you a business car park owner having trouble regulating your car park? Contact us today to talk about our Car Park Management Solutions.

To control and regulate parking in a private car park, such as that of an entertainment or hospitality business, you can legally enforce rules yourself through a Car park Management Solution. 

It is within the right of the owner of the car park to have a vehicle towed if it is in violation of the rules set by the owner. The onus of responsibility to follow parking rules is on the owner of the vehicle. 

When engaging a tow operator, it is your responsibility to ensure they are accredited under government legislation. 

Prevention of Illegal Parking

parking signage is en effective detterrant to illegal car parkingon private property
Signage not only decreases the likelihood of illegal parking, but strengthens your case if the owner of the car threatens legal aciton.

Although it is legal to engage a towing operator, preventing illegal parking can help you avoid the hassle. 

Signage is always an effective deterrent. This also helps if the owner of the vehicle being towed threatens you with legal action, as they cannot claim they did not know if there was clear signage. 

Other options you may choose to do are make use of boom gates or bollards

Car Park Enforcement Solution

If you are looking for a car park management solution in regards to unauthorised or illegally parked vehicles, you can view PriPark’s solutions here.