Unauthorised or illegally parked vehicles

Unauthorised and/or illegally parked vehicles are a big frustration to business owners, residents, tenants, customers and visitors.  Unauthorised parking and illegally parked vehicles are a common occurrence in residential car parks, retail car parks, commercial car parks, Hospital car parks. This unauthorised use of car parking spaces causes a lot of frustration and ultimately a loss of custom and business. 

Pripark has many solutions to suit any location that has issues with unauthorised or illegally parked vehicles, some of our car parking solutions include:

  • Car park enforcement of terms and conditions
  • Paid parking solutions for management of time restricted parking
  • Parking time zone enforcement in free or time restricted parking areas
  • Towing of illegally parked vehicles
  • Car Park signage and car park safety equipment

Pripark has solutions to prevent unauthorised car parking and assist in the removal of illegally parked vehicles on private property.

Monitoring Visitor Parking

Management of time restricted visitor parking on private property. Unauthorised parking within Body corporate and strata property visitor car parks can cause serious frustration and inconvenience for owners, tenants and care takers. Pripark can tailor a solution to alleviate these parking challenges.

Monitoring Customer Parking

Management of customer parking on private property. Unauthorised parking within Shopping centres, commercial centres and medical centres can cause serious disruption and inconvenience for customers, tenants and centre managers. Pripark works with centre managers and owners to provide the most effective parking solution for it’s customers and tenants.

Car Park enforcement of maximum time limit

Enforcement services for car parks with a maximum parking period (e.g. 30 minute customer car park in medical precinct, 2 hour shopping centre customer car park)

Unauthorised Parking offenders include: Public Transport Park and Ride parking in customer spaces, Centre Staff and Tenants parking in customer spaces, neighbouring businesses and residents parking in customer car parks.

Staff Parking Solutions and Tenant Parking Solutions

Many shopping centre customer car parks and commercial customer car parks are occupied by tenants and staff, reducing the ease at which a customer can find a convenient car space. Pripark works with centre managers and owners to provide effective solutions for relocation of staff parking and provision of permit parking or off site parking.

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