Private Car Park Fines

9 February 2022

Private Car Parks – A Guide to Rules & Fines

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When an individual enters a private car park, such as a shopping centre car park, hospital car park, or any car park on private property, that individual enters into a legal agreement with the owner. 

Fines, Payment & Towing – What is Legal?

Private car park operators are legally allowed to set their own fees and charges. It is the responsibility of the individual to check the terms & conditions of the car park upon entering, so they are aware of these fees and charges.

If the terms & conditions have been breached, the private car park operator can issue a payment notice. While this is not legally a fine, it may be enforced by the operator through the courts, in which they will justify the breach with relevant evidence. 

Beyond a payment notice, private car park operators can also legally tow unauthorised vehicles from the car park. 

Private Car Park Operators – Illegal Practices

Owners of private car parks must obey the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). This includes (but is not limited to: 

  • False advertising
  • Unfair contract terms
  • Issue payment notices without evidence of breach
  • Behaving unconscionably

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Disputing a Payment Notice

If you have been issued a fine that you wish to dispute, the best course of action is to contact independent legal advice. 

If you believe the fine was issued unfairly, you can make a consumer complaint with your local council. 

Car Park Enforcement Solution

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Parking Fines FAQ

Are private car park fines enforceable?

Private car park operators can only issue payment notices, and not fines. However, these payment notices can be enforced through legal action by the owner or operator.

Do I have to pay a parking fine on private land?

Private car park operators can enforce payment fees through the courts. However, If you believe that a payment notice was issued unfairly, you can dispute it by seeking independent legal advice or report it to the QLD Government.

What is the law on parking on private land?

If you want to park on private land, it is up to the individual to find out whether they are allowed to by the car park owner or operator. If so, it is also their responsibility to read & understand the terms & conditions.