Licence Plate Recognition Technology

What is PriPark’s Mobile Licence Plate Recognition Technology?

Mobile Licence Plate Recognition Technology utilises smartphones with vCompliance software. This is a software that scans and records the licence plates of motor vehicles. This technology is used by PriPark for its superior accuracy – vCompliance can achieve 97% accuracy, whereas ticketless issuing (using automated cameras and boom gates), can only achieve a maximum of 90%, meaning 10% of revenue is leaving without paying.

mobile licence plate recognition technology

Mobile LPR Provides the highest accuracy solution available on the market.

How can Mobile LPR Work For Me?

When you need a car park management solution, there are a few factors we look at in deciding whether a ticketed system or mobile LPR system is best for you. It primarily depends upon the infrastructure of your car park. If construction costs are too high to install boom gates, ticket issuing machinery and other security equipment, a mobile LPR system would be best.

PriPark have our own enforcement officers that we send out to handle the parking monitoring for you, equipped with vCompliance and bluetooth operated ticket printers to distribute infringement notices on the spot.

Use Mobile LPR to Achieve Business Goals

Control and enforce parking limits to stop the abuse of all-day parking, ensuring a seamless flow of car parking

Increase customer satisfaction through ease of parking and ease of paying through a mobile app.

Increase revenue by monetising parking, and ensuring the highest read accuracy possible.

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LPR Technology – FAQ

How does licence plate recognition work?

Licence Plate recognition works using computer algorithms that work off optical character recognition to scan visual fields for licence plate numbers. This information is then temporarily stored in a database to detect security permissions and length of stays in car parks. 

What is a licence plate recognition parking system?

A licence plate recognition parking system is a technology that utilises LPR technology to manage car park spaces. This can be used for security purposes but is primarily to enforce time restrictions for car parks. 

How accurate are licence plate recognition cameras?

PriPark’s market leading mobile cameras with vCompliance software have a read accuracy of 97% or better with Australian licence plates. They are capable of reading from obscure angles while still achieving high read rates. 

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