Objections Process

Parking Fees are issued to vehicles which have been detected as breaching the terms and conditions of the car park that are clearly signed on the entrance and throughout our managed sites. Purchasing a pay and display ticket or parking within the time limits may not stop you from receiving a Parking Fee / Tax Invoice. The reason for the breach will be briefly described on the Parking Fee Tax Invoice under “Particulars of Breach”. Ticket or pass not clearly displayed, not parking within the marked bay, double parking or parking within a reserved or disabled bay without displaying the required pass or permit are all examples of breaches of our terms and conditions.

If you have been issued with a Parking Fee Tax Invoice for breaching the terms and conditions of parking and believe there may be cause for it to be waived, you may lodge an objection for our Objections team to review.


To have your objection assessed in a fair and prompt manner, follow these guidelines:

All objections can be submitted using the online form located on our website’s contact page. Objections must be received in writing within 21 days from the date on your Parking Fee Tax Invoice. Objections received after 21 days will only be assessed under exceptional circumstances. It is important to provide the Parking Fee Tax Invoice number, vehicle registration number and sufficient supporting evidence to have your objection assessed. This may include:

  • Copies or photographs of pay and display parking tickets or permits
  • Photographs or diagrams of vehicle location.
  • Statutory declarations from an eye witness. You can download the form from the Queensland Courts website.

If you were not the driver of the vehicle, you may pay the Parking Fee Tax Invoice and ask the driver to reimburse you or alternatively, you can download, print and complete a statutory declaration to indicate you were not the driver at the time and identifying the name and address of the person who was driving – You can download the form from the Queensland Courts website. If you choose not to nominate the driver we have the right to seek a Court order compelling you to personally attend Court for examination for the purpose of identifying the driver.


Once an objection is received via our website it will be assessed by our Objections team and they may:

  • Request further information or make further inquiries
  • Waive the Parking Fee, or
  • Confirm that the Parking Fee stands

Any objection received that is deemed to be abusive or offensive may be rejected. You will be notified in writing of the decision from the Objections team generally within 4 business days, however, some may take up to 28 days, particularly where further information is required. No payment of the Parking Fee Tax Invoice is required whilst your objection is being assessed and no legal action will commence until the objection has been determined. If you choose to pay the Parking fee before the review process is complete, this will be treated as an admission of liability and no refund will be paid.

If the Parking fee stands after the Objections team has reviewed it, you have the following options:

  1. Pay the Parking Fee and the matter is settled, or
  2. Further appeal to the Parking Associations Accredited Operators Scheme Independent Appeals Service to have your objection reassessed.
  3. Await service of legal proceedings and defend those proceedings in Court.


Submitting personal information as part of the objections process is voluntary, however, failure to provide the information in whole or part may mean that we are unable to thoroughly assess your objection. View full privacy policy Click here

To Lodge your Objection Click Here

Last updated 03/09/2018.