A 5-Step Action Plan: Keeping Your Visitor & Customer Parking In-Check

Download our free, actionable guide to taking back control of your car park.

We know that managing a building, keeping your tenants parking in the right area is tough, let alone ensuring that your customers (or visitors) have an available space to park in.
So we created this guide to help.

In this guide, we’ve included a 5 step action plan, with ready to use templates, that’ll help you stop customer/visitor parking abuse in its tracks, whilst saving you time and effort.

And all without turning you into “bad cop” in the eyes of your tenants.

Your free 5 step workbook covers:

  1. Setting Your Parking Rules: What the latest laws, and how you can apply these fairly to setting your own customer/visitor parking rules & policies.
  2. Signage: What signage to include on your property and where, to ensure you comply with the law and that enables you to tow a vehicle if they don’t comply with your customer/visitor parking policies
  3. Template for Reminding Tenants: A quick, easy, and most importantly, diplomatic email template ready to use to reinforce the importance of tenants reminding visitors of your property parking policies – without making you look like the bad guy!
  4. Monitoring & Enforcement: A few tips on how to monitor your customer/visitor parking comings and goings yourself, without requiring you to watch your car park all day.
  5. How to tow a vehicle: And if all else fails, the exact steps to follow to remove a non-compliant vehicle, in a way that ensures you’re legally protected.