What is a Car Park Management Plan?

8 July 2022

A car park management plan outlines the policies and procedures for managing a parking facility. It typically includes information on how to allocate spaces, regulate traffic, and enforce parking regulations. A parking management plan is an important tool for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of a parking facility.

car park management plan

Why Having a Car Park Management Plan is Important

There are many benefits to having a car park management plan in place. These can include reducing congestion and traffic levels, improving air quality, reducing noise pollution, and making parking spaces more accessible for all users. 

Car park management plans can also help to create a more sustainable and efficient use of resources, by encouraging the use of parking spaces rather than congesting traffic in the city or around offices or schools.

When creating a car park management plan, it is important to consult with a range of stakeholders including local residents, businesses, community groups, and the local authorities. 

The plan should be designed to meet the specific needs of the area and take into account any existing parking restrictions. It should also be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it remains effective. 

What Equipment Should be Used in a Park Management Plan

There are a few key pieces of equipment that should be included in any park management plan in order to ensure the safety of visitors and staff, as well as to keep revenue flowing. Some of the most important pieces of equipment for a park management plan include:

Automated Pay Stations And Parking Ticket Machines

An automated pay station or parking ticket machine can help to streamline the parking process for both customers and staff. By having a central location to make payments, it eliminates the need for customers to search for loose change or wait in line to speak with a cashier.

Parking Meters With Credit Card Payment Technology

While parking meters have been around for decades, many newer models now come with credit card payment technology. This is a convenient option for customers who don’t have cash on hand and can help to decrease the amount of time spent at the pay station.

car park management plan

Speed Humps, Wheel Stops, Height Bars, Bollards, and Line Marking

There are a variety of physical barriers that can be used to create safe and efficient parking areas. Speed humps, wheel stops, height bars, bollards, and line marking can all be used to clearly delineate parking spaces, set speed limits, and protect pedestrians.

At PriPark, we provide and arrange all the equipment above and more, in order to ensure that everything in your parking management plan works fine for all parties involved.

The Main Parking Management Plans Types

A parking management plan is typically used by businesses or organizations that own their own parking facilities. These plans typically involve hiring a company such as PriPark to manage the parking facility and enforce the rules.

There are three main parking management plan types: office, city, and residential. Each type has its fair share of elements to take into consideration, so it’s important to plan it thoroughly.

Office Parking Management Plan

An office car park management plan will typically be carried out by facilities professionals, although input from HR and the landlord will be essential. The main consideration for an office-focused strategy would be space usage, but there’s more.

Normally, the first things to consider are the number of parking spaces, if you require EV charging stations, gates or barriers, and how employees will get to their cars.

The necessary parking management strategy is critical for any business seeking to alleviate workplace parking issues and make the whole system more efficient.

Residential Parking Management Plan

This car park plan is designed for how parking is handled at a residential compound. In apartment blocks, it will be the most frequent use.

When it comes to designing a residential car park plan, the key questions to ask are: how many spaces are required by law, whether parking sharing technology is in use, how many personnel would be needed to manage the authorized users, and how they’d get access.

Because there are fewer arrivals and departures of cars, it’s easier to maintain than an office parking lot. However, in order to manage to park for apartment buildings, a clear plan is needed.

City Parking Management Plan

City car park management plans are the most complicated to design and local administrations will need one to establish how parking operates in their districts.

Each company’s approach is unique, and any home or office strategy will be different. Cities often engage professional consultants such as PriPark to communicate with all parties in order to create a plan that considers important aspects.

It’s critical to consider if there are enough parking spaces and if they’re in the correct location, as well as the influence of potential and future price changes. Also, how to ensure that citizens get the support they need and retailers receive revenue.

Developing a comprehensive parking strategy is required by law for all cities, especially as climate issues put more strain on local governments to meet the demands of the modern era.

Do You Offer Car Park Management Plan Services?

At PriPark, we specialize in designing practical and easy-to-implement car park management systems for your facilities. All of our equipment is modern and will be adapted to your facilities, may it be an office parking lot, residential, or city.

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