Australian Car Park Construction Costs

18 March 2022

Financing Your Car Park

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How Much Do Car Parks Cost to Build?

The cost of a car park in Australia can vary widely based on many factors (discussed below). However, the following is a general guide, using data from Rider Levett Bucknall.

There are several different types of car parks, each with different costs associated. Open deck, multi-storey car parks are between $650-$1,500/m2, basement car parks in CBD areas are $1,060 – $3,100/m2, basement car parks outside the CBD range from $930- $2,800/m2, and undercroft car parks outside the CBD range from $580-$1,200/m2

The following graphs are breakdowns of the difference in cost based on the city being developed in:

car park construction costs in australia
Low End
High End

On a large scale, the biggest difference of cost comes down to which city the car park is located in.

What are the factors affecting construction cost?

There are many factors affecting the cost of construction, most are due to the materials used in construction. For example, asphalt is slightly cheaper than concrete (depending on the car park size) and is easier to repair. However, concrete is more durable and is less likely to require maintenance.

There are also many fees associated with car park construction, including: design fees, council fees, certifier fees, project management fees. Other costs include: earthworks, electrical works, stormwater works, kerbing, landscaping, linearking & lighting. 

If you need more clarity around how much your car park is going to cost, contact the parking experts today.

Car Park Construction FAQs

How much money does a car park make?

The amount of money a car park can make you is largely dependant on a few key factors, namely: The quantity of car parks and it’s location, both in terms of surrounding facilities and suburb. Contact PriPark to find out more about how your car park can generate additional revenue. 

How expensive is it to build an underground car park?

Underground car parks are usually the most expensive to build, usually coming in at around $1,060- $3,100/m2 . However, this can vary due to size and location. 

How do you build a car park?

Building a car park can be done in 3 main steps: sourcing the land and appropriate council permissions, Constructing the car park within design specification and council limits & implementing a car park management solution.

Are Car Parks a Good Investment?

Car parks are good investments when they are being run under an appropriate management solution. Without one, you may get the revenue you are seeking, and fall victim to vehicle overstays.

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