Report Illegal Parking – Melbourne

13 January 2022

The following information is for illegally parked cars on council property. 

If you are a business owner struggling with illegal parking in residential car parks, retail car parks, commercial car parks, hospital car parks, or a similar property, you can view PriPark’s Car Parking Management Solutions here.

When reporting an illegally parked vehicle, it is often confusing whether to report to the local council or directly to the police. 

Report illegal parking to the Police

The police have the authority to tow vehicles. If you need a vehicle towed, such as one that is blocking access to your driveway, you can contact the police directly. 

You can contact the police for non-emergency issues on the police assistance line: 131 444.

Report illegal parking to the council

If a car doesn’t need to be immediately towed, report it to the local council. 

If you see an illegally parked car, you can report it directly here

In order to report an illegally parked car, you must have: 

  • Evidence of the offense being committed
  • The number plate and location

Car Park Enforcement Solution

If you are looking for a car park management solution in regards to unauthorised or illegally parked vehicles, you can view PriPark’s solutions here.